July 16, 2024

Penelope Selph

Customizable Home Solutions

Storage Ideas No One Has Ever Told Yo


You know that feeling when you need something to hold your stuff and all you can come up with is an empty box? That’s because most people don’t think about how they can use the items around them for storage. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Here are 10 clever storage sulotions from around my house that will help you organize your stuff better.

Use baskets.

Baskets are great for storing things. You can use them in many different places, and they’re great for everything from clothes to books to toys. You can buy baskets or make them yourself, so if you have a knack for sewing or knitting (or even just some spare time), why not make your own?

For example, if you want to store books on a shelf but don’t want them falling off every time someone bumps into the shelf–or if there’s simply no room left in your bookcase–try using one large basket instead of several small ones. It’ll hold all of your books without taking up much space at all!

Use a shower curtain rod.

You can use a shower curtain rod to hang towels, clothes, and other items on. It’s a great way to save space in your bathroom.

Recycle an old dresser.

Recycle an old dresser.

The first thing you need to do is find a dresser that’s in good condition and has enough drawers for your needs. If it doesn’t have enough drawers, consider adding more by using wood glue and screws or by drilling holes into the sides of the existing ones and inserting new ones (make sure they’re secure!). Then all you have to do is fill ’em up!

Keep in mind that some things should be kept in their original packaging until they’re needed: things like blankets, pillows and sheets are better off stored flat rather than folded; clothing items such as sweaters should be hung on hangers; etc…

DIY a hanging shoe organizer.

A hanging shoe organizer is a great way to store your bathroom items. It’s also a good way to keep your collection of shoes organized and in one place. If you have kids, use the shoe organizer as a place for them to store their toys or craft supplies.

Stack boxes vertically.

  • Stack boxes vertically.
  • Use different sizes of boxes, with lids, handles and removable dividers.
  • Label them! You can do this with a label maker or just write on them with a Sharpie pen (and then erase it later).

Use a hanging shoe organizer under the bed.

Hang a shoe organizer from the side of your bed. This is not just for shoes, though! You can use it to organize anything you want, including clothes and accessories. The best part? It keeps everything off the floor so that you’ll never have to worry about stepping on something sharp or dirty again.

You can use pretty much anything in your house for storage, if you think about it properly!

You can use pretty much anything in your house for storage, if you think about it properly!

Think about how you can use items you already have. Use your imagination! Think about what you need to store and how best to store those things.


I hope you found these ideas useful! I know that it can be hard to come up with new ways to store things, but I think these ideas will help you get started. If none of them work for you, feel free to use them as inspiration for creating your own unique storage solutions. The most important thing is just getting started–after all, there are so many different types of items we need access too: clothes and shoes in closets; toys in playrooms; papers on desks; food in kitchens; etcetera ad infinitum