July 22, 2024

Penelope Selph

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Home Exterior: How To Make Good Lighting


Exterior lighting is a great way to increase the value of your home, as well as add security and ambiance. The first step is deciding what kind of lighting you need. Is it for security? Do you want something that’s more decorative? Or do you want both? Once you’ve decided on your desired outcome, there are many ways to achieve each effect. We’ll cover three popular scenarios: installing an outdoor ceiling fan; adding a light over the front porch; and lighting up landscaping with spotlights or post lights on either side of the house.

Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Mounting a ceiling fan is a great way to improve your home’s exterior. The installation process can be done by anyone with basic knowledge of how to use tools and follow instructions, but it’s best if you have someone there who has installed before.

Install an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Before you begin installing your outdoor ceiling fan, make sure that the area where you are going to mount it has been properly prepared: First off, check that there is no moisture in or around where you will mount your outdoor ceiling fan (this includes rainwater leaks). You should also make sure that nothing else is going on under your house – people walking around could cause vibrations which could damage both yourself as well as any nearby objects like windows or doors! Now let’s get started!

Add a Light Over the Front Porch

  • Install a light fixture over the front porch. You can do this yourself, or hire a professional to install it for you.
  • Choose a location for your light fixture that’s away from trees and other obstructions so that it has enough room for growth and movement. If there are lots of trees around your house, consider installing two lights instead of just one–one on either side of the door–to provide more coverage without having to move them as much (and risk damaging them).
  • Choose bulbs that are appropriate for outdoor use; look for ones labeled “outdoor” or “weather resistant.” Bulbs with lower wattage will save money on electricity costs while still providing adequate lighting at night and during inclement weather events such as rainstorms or snowfalls when homeowners may need extra brightness outside their homes due to poor visibility conditions caused by precipitation falling down onto roadsides outside residential neighborhoods where homes are located within close proximity together along city blocks containing multiple residences within walking distance from each other but separated only slightly apart by streets separating adjacent houses from each other; thus making visibility difficult during these types situations because even though we live near each others’ homes sometimes we don’t always see what goes on outside our own doors – like animals crossing paths with us – so sometimes having additional lighting installed here helps ensure safety measures taken before going out into unknown territory after dark

Light up Your Landscaping

  • Use LED lights to light up your landscaping.
  • If you have trees, bushes and flowers in your yard, they can be lit up with LED lights as well.
  • You can even use these lights on small shrubs if you want them to stand out during the evening hours or at night time when it’s dark outside.

Add a Post Lighting Fixture to the Side of Your House

Post lighting fixtures are great for adding a little extra illumination to the side of your house. They can also help you light up an area where there isn’t much natural light, such as around a pool or garden.

The first step is to choose the right post lighting fixture for your home and situation. There are many different types available on sites like Amazon, so read reviews carefully before making a purchase! Once you’ve decided on which type of fixture will work best in your yard (or wherever else), it’s time to install it–and luckily this process is quite simple!

First dig holes into which the posts will be placed; make sure these are deep enough so that soil doesn’t fall out when installing them later on. Next take off any old paint from around each hole using sandpaper or steel wool; after this step has been completed successfully we recommend applying some primer over areas where no primer was used previously because doing so may prevent rusting later down road due to moisture buildup inside those areas duelling with oxygen from outside sources entering through cracks between rocks etcetera…

Install LED Bulbs for Your Existing Outdoor Lights

LEDs are more efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs. They produce less heat, making them ideal for outdoor lights. LEDs can also be made shock-resistant, which is important if you have pets or children who may knock over the fixture. Finally, they have a much longer lifespan than standard bulbs–up to 50 times more!

LEDs are energy efficient compared with incandescent light bulbs as well because they do not waste as much energy as traditional bulbs do when converting electricity into light through heat loss (i.e., glowing filament).

It’s important to have both security and ambiance outside your home.

It’s important to have both security and ambiance outside your home. Good lighting makes your home more attractive, which can help with the sale of your property. It also makes it safer for you, your family and any guests who visit.

Good lighting helps with security by making it easier for people to see what is going on around them at night. This can be particularly important if there are children or pets in the house that need to go out at night time (or during the day if they have access through an open door).

Good exterior lighting is also important for safety and security because it allows you to see what’s happening outside of your property so that no one sneaks up on you unawares!


There are many ways to improve the lighting around your home. We hope that this article has given you some inspiration for making your yard more appealing and safer to walk in at night.